52 Words a Year

Hello! Long time no…post! I have some news – I have started a new tumblr blog called 52 Words A Year, with two fellow illustrators! They are Mayumi and Olly – please have a look at their websites. We started the blog as we all agreed we definitely don’t draw enough, so we aim to draw at least one word a week. This week’s word is ‘Myth’, and here is the gif I made for it! Please visit the main tumblr to have a look at all of our weekly illustrations.

Happy Holidays!

Some quick sketches of this holiday season

My mother and I decided to have what we wanted to eat for Christmas rather than the traditional Christmas dinner as neither of us is particularly crazy about turkey. So we started off with some seared scallops, followed by Florentine steak, which is supposedly the Italian equivalent of Kobe beef. Anyway, it was juicy and delicious.

We went for a walk on Christmas day (really wasn’t much else to do as everything is closed..) and admired the effort some of my neighbours put into their holiday decorations, outside as well as indoors.

Our short and slightly drunk-looking Christmas tree.


I’ve been meaning to post these since our trip to Berlin back in August, but for some reason I just kept taking my time, drawing more from the pictures we took while out there. Anyway, here they all are!

We stayed with our old classmate Tom and his lovely girlfriend För, who now live near Treptower park, near the Soviet war memorial, with their massive black dog, Baloo. (Yup, like the bear!)  They very kindly showed us around while we took hundreds of touristy pictures. Berlin is so very different to London, with wide open roads, old GDR buildings mixed in with the new and old, so it felt like there was always so much to see. Here are just a few of the things we saw…

A dusty window display on Karl-Marx-Allee full of old typewriters and calculators.

The evening light at the Orangery Palace in Potsdam. We were so lucky, we managed to just catch magic hour when we visited this place on a whim, after going for a bracing swim in a lake.

Tom and För

Statue in the Orangery Palace

The abandoned listening station on top of Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain). Apparently you used to be able to wander around freely but they’ve since put a gate up and do little tours to show people around. Spectacular view from up here, and weird acoustics inside the main dome.

Delicious Reuben sandwich at Mogg & Melzer in Mitte. Yum. Tom and För took us to eat lots of lovely food, including Thai food at a local park where lots of Thai ladies come together to sell food, and För even made us banana pancakes as soon as we landed off the plane! I’ve since become a little obsessed with them.